Lawyer & Programmer & Content Creator.

What do I do?

  • As a lawyer, I advise on legal and regulatory issues relating to AI projects.
  • As a programmer, I build AI and automation tools to help you work smarter and faster.
  • As a content creator, I post content that educate people about AI.

My Products

I have developed the following products all by myself.


SyncTrainer is an AI mobile app that can analyse and score how well you perform in a dance, gymnastics, martial arts, diving, skating, etc rountine. The app is also smart enough to detect which parts of the routine are out of sync and needs improvement.

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A Chrome Extension that extracts relevant definitions and cross-references as you review Commonwealth legislation on the Federal Register (Australia only).

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Global AI Regulation Tracker

An interactive world map where you can click on a country to read a quick summary of its AI regulatory approach and developments including an archive of my Linkedin posts on that country.

Check it out now

JavaScript & NodeJS course: Build a Cryptocurrency Price Alert Bot

Short, concise and fully hands-on, this course will teach you how to code in both JavaScript and NodeJS, while building a cool crypto-based project. Highly suitable for any absolute beginners or cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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My Videos

I have produced over 100 videos across my various social media platforms, including project vlogs, topic explainers and developer tutorials. But here are my 3 favourite videos that highlight my profile.

My channel trailer which highlights the unique angle of my content.

My most popular video (over 1.7 million views) which went viral across the world because of my innovative application of AI to Kpop dance.

My day-in-a-life video that showcases my dual lawyer and programming life.

Book a 1:1 Mentoring with Ray

30/45/60 minute video call

Are you interested in advancing your career in technology law or artificial intelligence? Are you wondering what it's like to work as a technology lawyer? Look no further! As a technology lawyer and AI programmer, I can provide valuable insight and guidance on a wide range of topics.

On this 1:1 video call, I can personally mentor you with:

  • guiding you on how to start learning how to code
  • brainstorming business ideas relating to AI or the legal industry
  • discussing career opportunities, ideas and strategies in the legal technology or technology law
  • understanding the AI market, including market trends and key developments

Disclaimer: I will not provide any legal, financial and investment advice. Nor will anything I say constitiute such advice.

How to book: Send me an email at techierayproducts@gmail.com with the subject title starting with "[BOOKING]". Please include details about what you want to discuss with me. I'll then consider your request and if approved, I will send you my briefing details, my meeting time availabilities, PayPal link (for payment) and instructions for next steps.



Sydney, Australia